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Nihon Madonna Japanese all teenage girl punk band

Nihon Madonna (or Madonna Japan) 日本マドンナ are Japanese 3 piece all girl teenage punk band formed in March 2009 comprising of  So あんな on bass,  Marina 19, まりな (gutiar and vocals)  and Satoko 17, さとこ (drums).

“ Physiology 生理 ” is the new single for Ninon Madonna’s new mini-album appropriately titled 月経前症候群~PMS~ released earlier this January.

Check out Ninon Madonna’s  official website and myspace page.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
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Mariah Carey in Japanese TV interview

maria carey

Many western pop acts like Bon Jovi and Madonna have been coming to Japan for many years. Another global pop star that has always toured Japan is Mariah Carey who first visited in 1996 with her DayDream tour. She’s also been interviewed a few times on Japanese TV, mostly by Karube Shinichi 軽部真一, a reporter for Japan’s popular Mezamashi め ざましテレビ ( morning breakfast) TV (Fuji TV). In her latest interview for the album E=MC2, Karube visits her large NY apartment full of awards, dogs, shoes, clothes and where she promises him to go an onsen (hot spring) with him next time she travels to Japan.

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Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
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