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Fukurosage Japanese tanuki monster

The Fukurosage  袋下げ is a mythical Japanese monster (Yokai) based on the Japanese tanuki (raccoon dog).  Typically found in Nagano prefecture and Shikoku the Fukurosage has the ability to shapeshift into a sake bottle, which is typically seen rolling down sloping streets.The bottle may pose a danger to people who try to follow it downhill, as it may lead them off a cliff or into a ditch.

In old drawings, the Fukurosage is normally depicted wearing a large leaf  on its head and carries a bag containing a bottle of poison sake. The first photo above is from a 2004 book by manga artist Shigeru Mizuki 水木 しげる called Yōkai Daizukai, Japanese Folk Monsters 妖怪大図解 .

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Posted on Sunday, August 26th, 2012
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Meiji Jingu sake rice wine barrels

Colorful Japanese sake rice wine barrels 酒樽 found at the Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu 明治神宮), a Shinto shrine located in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.  The sake (nihonshu) are donated by various sake makers across the country.

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Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012
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Japanese bottle fly trap

Flies are a nuisance at any time but when the earthquake and tsunami hit last year leaving large areas littered with rotting fish and other garbage, flies started breeding like crazy. Local residents used insecticides but to kill as many flies as possible, they resorted to building simple yet effective fly traps made from discarded and  empty plastic bottles.

As this Japanese TV news report shows, residents cut small holes into each plastic bottle filled with a mixture of sake, vinegar, and sugar. Flies go in but have difficulty getting out. Within a few minutes it is filled with a couple dozen flies.

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Posted on Thursday, May 24th, 2012
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Comical Tanuki badger or racoon dog outside restaurants and temples

The Japanese Tanuki (狸 or タヌキ) is an indigenous Japanese mammal that is sometimes referred to in English as a “badger” or a “raccoon dog.” If you follow Japanese anime and manga, you will know that  Tanuki have been a part of Japanese folklore since ancient times and are one of the animal species that have traditionally been thought to have the power of “shapeshifting” (the others include foxes, badgers, wolves, spiders, some kinds of cats and dogs, and certain snakes).

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Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
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Charisma man video

Living in Japan, Charisma Man, with his deep blue eyes, dirty blond hair and foreign passport, is a smooth sake sipping gaijin western playboy about town.  In his world, he is the superman, the man with magic powers, pretty Japanese women adore him, other men respect, even fear, him.  Life in the Japan bends to his every whim.  His only foil, the one that can see through him and bring him crashing back to reality is “Western Woman”

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Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011
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Kana Tsugihara and Akane Suzuki in Sundome

Japanese gravure idols Akane Suzuki and Kana Tsuighara star in the manga inspired film series Sundome すんドめ (parts 1-4).   The manga was created by Kazuto Okata and published by Akita Shoten.  In the film series, Hideo Aiba (Atsushi Ninomiya) is a reserved and obedient high school student who spends all his energy on masturbating! When a new student, the super sexy Kurumi Sahana (Akane Suzuki), joins the same after-school club in which he is a member, she teases him sexually. Can Hideo control himself for Kurumi’s sake?  Things don’t get easier when he starts getting involved with the busty Kyoko (Kana Tsugihara).!

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Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010
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So you want to learn Japanese

So You Want To Learn Japanese.

You’ve eaten at a few Japanese restaurants, seen some anime, hosted an exchange student, and had a Japanese girlfriend. And now, somewhere in the back of your tiny brain, you think that Japanese would be a good language to learn. Hey, you could translate video games! Or Manga! Or even Anime! Pick up Japanese girls, impress your friends! Maybe you’ll even go to Japan and become an anime artist! Yeah! Sounds like a great idea!

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Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2008
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